L-R: Ann Buck, CWJC Executive Director; Rotarians, Ray Buck, Bart Stevens and Nancy Riley; and, Edna Vandiver, CWJC Assistant Director.
The Rotary Club of Kerrville - Morning (Morning Rotary) recently provided lunch for the interns, staff and volunteers at the Christian Women’s Job Corps, Kerr County (CWJC). Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Rotarians were unable to join the interns for the meal.
“Our relationship with CWJC is long and deep, and it's a privilege to continue to work with them. CWJC epitomizes everything we're looking for in a community mission and partner. If providing meals makes the lives of these women, and their facilitators, just a little bit easier, then this is a program worth preserving,” said Bart Stevens, Morning Rotary Project Coordinator. According to Ann Buck, CWJC Executive Director, 60 meals are needed each semester, and all are graciously supplied by volunteers. “On behalf of the Christian Women’s Job Corps, Kerr County, I would like to thank the Morning Rotary for bringing lunch to the CWJC interns. Your support helps create a ripple effect in our community. When a woman’s life is changed, her children are affected in what we call the ‘ripple effect.’ That positive change is felt throughout our community. Thank you, Kerrville Morning Rotary,” said Buck.