Front (l-r): Lois Shaw, Doyle Community Center facility manager receiving check from Jon Tilley, Morning Rotary president. Back (l-r): Clifton Fifer, Jr, Doyle Community Center community outreach coordinator; and, Ray Buck, Morning Rotary president-elect.
This past week, The Rotary Club of Kerrville - Morning (Morning Rotary) presented a $1,200 check to the Doyle Community Center to assist with meals during the COVID-19 crisis.
“We are all facing unprecedented challenges, particularly groups like the Doyle Center, which largely relies on our support as a community in order to serve others in need. Morning Rotary’s hope is that through our support and others, the Doyle Center can continue its larger objectives, uninterrupted by the financial burden of addressing the immediate needs of the Doyle community brought about by the Corona crisis,” said Jon Tilley, Morning Rotary president.
"We are grateful for the Kerrville Morning Rotary Club and their generous donation for food assistance to Doyle Community Center as COVID-19 has affected so many in our community during these difficult times," said Lois Shaw, facility manager for the Doyle Community Center. Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change. For more information about Kerrville Morning Rotary, visit