(L-R) Nancy Riley, sponsor; Ray Buck, President; “Critt” Crittenden, new member; Dan Dixon, new member; Donna Ragsdale, new member; Frank Dunlap, Membership Chair; and, Bill Sharp, sponsor.
The Rotary Club of Kerrville – Morning (Morning Rotary) recently welcomed three new members to the club. Newest members include Dan Dixon, retired Army and defense industry consultant; Donna Ragsdale, Ingram Tom Moore High School teacher and coach, as well as Interact Coordinator; and, Justin “Critt” Crittenden, Ingram Tom Moore High School Principal.
“With help from their sponsors, these three members have already been a blessing to our club. They’ve pitched in and contributed before being officially recognized as members. They’ve already demonstrated their commitment to Rotary ideals,” said Ray Buck, Morning Rotary President. In an effort to recruit and retain quality membership, Morning Rotary has taken the suggestion made by District Governor Xavier Toson, during a meeting with the club board, to seek quality members over quantity. To that end, the Morning Rotary Membership Committee, chaired by Frank Dunlap, initiated a rigorous assessment including thorough vetting, orientation materials, and follow up with three sponsors.
Kerrville Morning Rotary meets at 6:45 a.m. every Thursday at the Kroc Center in Kerrville. Potential members and visitors are always welcome. Visit www.kerrvillemorningrotary.org