On Oct 28th,  David Jones, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at TIVY High School spoke to our club.   After his motivating speech Kenneth O'Neal wrote this article for The Kerrville Daily Times it appeared the Thursday November 4, 2021 edition  (page 4A)..   Thank you David!!

Last week, David Jones, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at TIVY High School, Kerrville, Texas spoke at Morning Rotary with a record of won 1 lost 7. Coach Jones has been directly responsible for the success of a football team and on a more personal basis for each player on the team for more than 40 years. He has devoted his life to teaching others about character, cooperation and winning. He has a firm hold on the knowledge for building and sustaining successful athletic programs especially football at the high school level. Over the years, he has worked with players with the least ability and those with the most skill and talents.  He brought out the best of them with his extensive experience, his knowledge and the love of the game. He has handled many difficult situations, injuries to players, deaths in the families of players and scrutiny from administration, parents of players and the public.
At the beginning, the goal was not to have a losing season. Playing the game of football and the game of life requires the buy in of the players as the team. The initial step in the game is to obtain self-awareness to create personal change, personal development and personal growth. The second step is to come face to face with the truth about life to make better choices on the field.  Thirdly, the players must discover how to move from selfish to selflessness.  And finally, step number four is to understand the most significant item in winning the game of life is to realize and make it all about serving others.

Our Creator is most happy when His children are helping and serving His other children to problem solve. We are in this game of life to create an Intentional Legacy where the foundational principles are left in the souls and hearts of mankind.  In 100 years, we will not be questioning the won lost record of Coach David Jones. How many young men and young women heard him tell of his faith in God?  How many serious injuries of players did Coach Jones cry and pray for healing? How many wedding announcements did Coach Jones receive and how many little boys are named “David” because of his impact on the player. Coach David Jones makes a difference and is a life changer with significant purpose. Tivy lost the game on Friday that would have put the team in the playoffs.  Head coach Jones spoke emotionally of the player feelings after the loss, “I hate it for these kids; they have been through a lot; they have been through a whole lot.  They deserve better than that, and I am sincerely sorry for the outcome.” We love to win and be successful in football but the true character of a coach in life is shown in how he loses. No regrets, no blaming others, outpouring of heart felt gratitude and loving God and others.

In the game of football and in the game of life, It appears to me there are more than 2500 winning lives with minimal losses for Coach David Jones.